Hello all.
Me, i am a vegan who likes to sail the seven internets and do stuff.

I am currently in my third year of a BSc majoring in Ecology and Minoring in Genetics, as well as beginning a Graduate Diploma in Mathematics (or maybe Statistics, i don't really know yet; Uni wont let me do Biomathematics like i would like.) at Massey University. This charming education is what is inspiring my comics, my education and life that is, as life is very inspirational and such.
I live on a small little island next to Australia, it is called New Zealand. Feel free to come visit me any time.
You can also email me at if you so wish. And i'll probably respond, maybe, when i get round to it. But i'm not so busy, so i probably will.


Post script: i will edit this at a later date to make it more exciting. It is being done now for completedness' sake.

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